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Since 2015 Jasmine Lüthold is studying textile design at the Lucerne University of Aplied Science and Arts in Switzerland. The content of the academic studies is designing, screen printing, weaving, knitting and embroidery.

In September 2016 Jasmine visited us with PUSH, a pilot project of the Lucerne University of applied sciences and arts, in Chios. She worked with the children in the Refugee Education Chios and offered workshops such as screen printing.

For the current module SpeakUp she screen printed 20 t-shirts, the project “classroom time, not killing time!” has been created. In this SpeakUp module the task was to use fabric design as a medium for personal protest. Jasmine was asked to address a particular social issue, both in terms of content and aesthetics. It was meant to be about her and her time, her dedication, her resistance, her attitude, and her provocation. She decided to work with us. The project refers to the human right “Right to education”. Children in Switzerland have designed playful fingerprint drawings and Jasmine printed them onto t-shirts. Each t-shirt is unique.  The t-shirts will soon be available in our shop, the proceeds will go directly to the Refugee Education Chios.

Project PDF: