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Charity song for people on the move!   During the last months national and international artists met and sat together at a table with a common purpose: To help people in need with their music.   Hence, an incredibly touching and inspiring songtext was created which makes us aware and reminds us about where we have come from, about all…

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SpeakUp – “classroom time, not killing time!”

Since 2015 Jasmine Lüthold is studying textile design at the Lucerne University of Aplied Science and Arts in Switzerland. The content of the academic studies is designing, screen printing, weaving, knitting and embroidery. In September 2016 Jasmine visited us with PUSH, a pilot project of the Lucerne University of applied sciences and arts, in Chios. She worked with the children…

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Reading Buddy

Every day our primary students have the chance to explore the world of books and fairytales with one of our Volunteers. Reading poems and stories together, laughing and being amazed by the diversity of books provides them a childfriendly way to discover the differences and the common ground in our world. BE AWARE AND SHARE Support us: BKB – Basler…

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